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Crisis in Kashmir: What Does It Mean?


Maybe it had all been political posturing in preparation for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's reelection bid in this year's national elections, you may have thought.

But if that's what you were thinking last week, I bet you're not thinking that anymore. For you see, this past Monday all hell broke loose.

Specifically, the residents of the formerly semi-autonomous state of Jammu and Kashmir in the northern tip of Inida now find themselves living in a state that has no special status. No constitutional provision for the region to pass its own laws. No more laws preventing Indians from outside the region to buy real estate or invest in J&K. In fact, they no longer even reside in the state of Jammu and Kashmir; they now reside in one of two newly-created Union Territories, one called Jammu and Kashmir, and the other called Ladakh.