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Ex-CNN host calls for "eradication" of all Trump supporters, making it obvious why they wa


(Natural News) In the wake of another two mass shootings which the Left-wing establishment media is blaming on President Donald Trump's 'hateful rhetoric,' a former CNN host has just called for violence against presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway and every one of POTUS' supporters.

And if that isn't bad enough, he made the threat on Twitter, which summarily ignored it because he wasn't attacking and threatening Democrats and their like-minded Marxist allies.

As reported by Summit News:

Reza Aslan refused to apologize after calling for the "eradication" of Kellyanne Conway and Trump Supporters, with Twitter saying his rhetoric didn't violate their rules.

You be the judge. Azlan tweeted:

"After today there is no longer any room for nuance. The President is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters – ALL OF THEM – are by definition white nationalist terror supporters. The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society."

No, Twitter didn't ban this person who is actually the real terrorist.

As for his accusations about the KKK and whatnot, here's a great primer on just who founded and supported the KKK (hint: It wasn't Republicans), and which political party has historically been racist and bigoted (hint: It isn't the Republican Party).

Aslan wasn't through, however. He then specifically targeted Conway in a subsequent tweet: