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Dad who was laid off by a metal recycling firm is given hundreds of job offers...

•, By Sophie Tanno

Family man Patrick Hoagland, 30, from Phoenix, Arizona was struggling to find another position after having no luck applying for numerous positions online and in person. 

But the determined father-of-one took matters into his own hands and began handing out his CV on the street. 

'I wasn't getting any responses,' he told Good Morning America. 

'I was getting frustrated. It popped into my head, stand on a corner and hold a sign and hand out resumes. 

'At first I laughed about it...and then it kind of went crazy.' 

His unique resume states his objectives are to provide a better life for his family and to have a positive impact on people and things around him. 

He adds he is a 'fast learner' and 'excellent problem solver' who can 'establish rapport with people from different backgrounds and cultures.'