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Smart glove uses stretch-sensing tech for highly accurate hand gesture capture

•, David Nield

It's able to capture hand movements with much more detail and nuance than most existing solutions.

To achieve this, the researchers behind the glove created a silicone compound holding 44 embedded stretch sensors, combining it with a soft fabric layer. The input device requires very little training, and uses a special constructed set of algorithms to process the sensor data coming through from the gloved hand.

This combination of hardware and software means highly accurate hand and finger movements can be captured in real time. No external cameras or sensors are needed to record the movements, and the gloves themselves can be manufactured at a low cost. They're apparently lightweight and comfortable to wear too.

"This is an already well-studied problem but we found new ways to address it in terms of the sensors employed in our design and our data-driven model," Oliver Glauser from ETH Zurich in Switzerland said in a press statement.

"What is also exciting about this work is the multidisciplinary nature of working on this problem. It required expertise from various fields, including material science, fabrication, electrical engineering, computer graphics, and machine learning."