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What You Need to Know About Bug Out Vehicles, Fuel, and the Energy Matrix


As many of our readers are definitely going to need a vehicle to arrive at some bugout location, I could foresee the need of explaining some considerations that such bugout vehicle should have.

The only person able to identify what vehicle you need is you, but here are some factors to consider, based on my experiences.

There are various factors to consider when choosing a bug-out vehicle.

Maybe an SUV is too expensive to maintain, indeed, as a daily ride. But you could find a decent, simple but reliable rig if you have space enough to park it. (Be aware that the daily ride perhaps will have to be left behind in a hurry, if it can´t make it to the BOL) Or, if you can´t afford either of these, maybe you could find a bug out location in a safe place where you can get safely to without an SUV, just with your small little car – easy to maintain in a tight budget. It´s a little like the military. You need the proper equipment to complete the mission. You can´t open a breach in a stone wall without rocket fire. And it´s good planning to go overkill, instead of remaining short. I know it because a large car gives you a good degree of safety. But, a small car gives you maneuverability and stealth, good fuel economy after the event, and can hide it easily. It´s kind of a compromise, and your particular situation has to be assessed carefully. For me, in the open, MadMaxian roads in Venezuela, would feel much better in an armored car. But my SUV will have to make it, once repaired.

Be sure to store enough fuel for your vehicle.

OK, trust me on this now, please. Unless you have fuel enough stored, with the proper precautions, you´re not going anywhere. The blackout in Argentina made people desperate the 2nd day because there was no power for any gas station, and people with gensets found that replenishing was impossible. Go figure. (Stay tuned because I will write something and make a video about that in the next few weeks after I receive and research with more detail). If your tank is half empty and you need a quarter, unless you drill the tank of that neighbor you hate in the middle of the night (assuming you don´t get shot in the process) to complete your tank, you´re not going anywhere.

Is it worth the investment in a rig with a second tank, if you only need a full tank, to arrive at your BOL? That´s up to you. I had the strong feeling of things going on to hell. I don´t know how many times I woke up at 3 am with that bitter sentiment, about everything crumbling around. Slowly, but patently. Anyway, I could make still some money, cover expenses, and get an extra job to prep. But could have managed my mobility issues much better. I know, many of us have a family. A shared responsibility in the home economy, so to speak. Maybe is not that easy to convince our partner about if it´s better to re-shape our budget to cope with the maintenance of a much different vehicle. I was weak and paid the price. Time told me, I knew better.