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"Pain Compliance"


Here's a new one – or at least, a newly admitted one: Pain Compliance.

This is the use of physical torture to subdue the victim of it to Authority.

It is not surprising – or ought not to be – to learn that street-level government thugs now practice what the highest-level government thugs openly decreed to be policy some 15 years ago under the reign of the frog-torturing psychopath George W. Bush, who "decided" that physically torturing people was no longer a thing to be ashamed of.

The fish does, indeed, rot from the head down.

In the video below – taken in Kansas City and the subject of a local CBS news affiliate story – a man happened to be in the vicinity of a pair of AGWs who were applying Pain Compliance to the person seen handcuffed and prone on the ground. The Pain Compliance technique applied in this case involves threatened dislocation of the subject's shoulders, a literally medieval practice that is not only excruciatingly painful but something which can easily cause lifelong pain.

An AGW Apologist explains that handcuffed and prone people can "still be a danger" to AGWs. In fact, the only "danger" is to the Authority of the AGWs, which remains affronted when any person isn't entirely supine and screaming in agony.