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"Combat Ready" Missile Seized During Police Raid On Italian Neo-Nazis

•, By Tyler Durden

 And now more confirmation of this dark prediction come true in spectacular fashion with this unusual intro from the BBC: "Anti-terrorism police in northern Italy have seized an air-to-air missile and other sophisticated weapons during raids on far-right extremist groups."

If it sounds too bizarre or surreal to be true, the photographs alone from the breaking report are even more shocking, which show a five-foot long monster of a rocket with a large military shipping container. 

What's more is the interesting likely origin of what's being described as a "combat ready" missile: it's from the gulf country of Qatar, which has for years been a major weapons source fueling wars across the Middle East, from Syria to Yemen to North Africa. 

"During the operation, an air-to-air missile in perfect working order and used by the Qatari army was seized," Italian police said in a statement.