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Facebook now inciting users to commit violence against Paul Joseph Watson and anyone else ...


(Natural News) Increasingly unhinged American Leftists claim they are opposed to bigots, racists, and, of course, "facists," but the reality is, in opposing people who simply disagree with them politically, they are the ones who are acting like the 1930s-era Brown Shirts who were the political enforcers of the Nazi Party.

And what's more, the world's biggest social media platform, Facebook, has joined ranks with these lunatics, even to the point of inciting its users to commit acts of violence — in violation of the law — against anyone they disagree with.

As reported by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars and, Facebook has issued a "fatwa" against him in a recent post by the platform to its Community Standards policy "saying that it's acceptable to incite violence against" him.

"I'm not even joking," he said in a newly released video explaining the policy.

Noting that Facebook banned him in May, labeling him a "dangerous individual," PJW noted that the platform on Tuesday posted this community standards update:

Do not post:

Threats that could lead to death (and other forms of high-severity violence) of any target(s) where threat is defined as any of the following:

— Statements of intent to commit high-severity violence; or

— Calls for high-severity violence (unless the target is an organization or individual covered in the Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, or is described as having carried out violent crimes or sexual offenses, wherein criminal/predator status has been established by media reports, market knowledge of news events, etc.) (our emphasis)

"That's me," Watson says in his video. "So in other words, Facebook just informed its 2 billion users that its acceptable to post statements of intent of 'high-severity violence' against me.

"This is literally illegal in the United Kingdom under the 1998 Malicious Communications Act, which states, 'Any person who sends to another person a letter, electronic communication or article of any description which conveys…a threat…or any article or electronic communication..of an indecent or grossly offensive nature…" (Related: Missouri AG demands all Facebook communications with OBAMA's 2012 campaign.)

Facebook is so big it does what it wants

Mocking those who say that Facebook is a "private company" that "can do what it likes," Watson then asks rhetorically, "Can it break U.K. law? Can it openly incite violence against people?"

On the surface, of course, the answer would appear to be a resounding 'no.' But the policy, as of this writing, stands — which means sanctioning violence against Watson and anyone else the platform has deemed "dangerous" also stands.

"The same company that lectures us all the time about the need to stop hate is directly encouraging hate," he said. "This is like some futuristic sci-fi dystopia where the artificial intelligence takes over and starts marking people for elimination."

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