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Gold Will Rise Even If The Fed Doesn't Cut Interest Rates

• by Brandon Smith

If you were to only read mainstream economic news you would think the Fed had already reversed course and "capitulated", but this is not the case. The Fed continues to hold interest rates at their neutral rate of inflation while also moving forward with asset dumps from their balance sheet. Nothing has changed since December/January when the Fed first made minor changes to its public statements hinting at "accommodation".

By leaving such wording completely ambiguous and refraining from any specifics, the central bank has allowed the media and the investment world to assume that the phrase changes can mean whatever they want the changes to mean. In other words, the Fed has bamboozled the mainstream into projecting their own fantasy outcome. Meaning, they believe that the outcome they desperately want (near zero interest rates and QE4) is the outcome they are going to get. Not only that, but they also think they are going to get it all very soon.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Gold won't rise. The $Dollar will simply come down. Get in the habit of recognizing everything you see as money. Your house is money. Your car is money. Your refrigerator is money. Freedom's Phoenix is money. Your job is money, besides the money it earns you. Once you get in the habit of recognizing everything as money, you will suddenly see investment opportunities all over the place.

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