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Does Justin Amash Libertarianism Have a Future?


Dissecting the meaning of a congressman's newfound independence

He came, he saw, he did stuff, he formed the Freedom Caucus, he called for impeachment proceedings, he left the Freedom Caucus, he left the Republican Party, and now he's making the media rounds amid speculation about his electoral possibilities for 2020. So was Justin Amash's declaration of independence on balance a good thing?

Yes is the consensus on today's Editors' Roundtable edition of the Reason Podcast, though not without some bleak real-talk about the near-term viability of libertarian electoral politics. Katherine Mangu-Ward, Nick Gillespie, Peter Suderman, and Matt Welch engage with the critiques that libertarians don't meaningfully exist, that libertarianism without populism is DOA, and that yet somehow libertarians have run economic policy for far too long. The group also discusses the Trump administration's Census-citizenship gymnastics, the latest Nancy Pelosi/AOC flap, and what we can learn from revisiting the Tom Cruise flick Cocktail.

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