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Pistol Packin' Teachers Train To Neutralize School Shooters In Utah

•, By Tyler Durden

The training is nothing new - as at least 39 states require some form of lockdown, active-shooter or similar safety drills, according to the Education Commission of the States. Utah requires that elementary schools conduct at least one safety drill per month, while secondary schools must have detailed emergency response plans on hand. While firearms training in the state is voluntary, Utah County Sheriff's Teacher's Academy has a waiting list for its next four-week program

According to Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith, the popularity of concealed carry permits in the state means training teachers is even more important. Around half of the teachers brought their own guns to the shooting range to train

The Utah school psychologist weaved through a maze of dusty halls before spotting him in the corner of a classroom, holding a gun to a student's head. She took a deep breath and fired three shots, the first time she's ever used a gun. One bullet pierced the shooter's forehead.

"Nice work," a police officer told her as they exchanged high-fives in front of cardboard props representing the gunman and student.

Miramontes recently joined 30 other Utah teachers at a series of trainings where police instructed them on how to respond to an active shooter. Teachers went through the shooting drill inside a warehouse set up to look like a school, then moved outside to a shooting range. -Associated Press

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