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Italy vs. The Banksters


Remember when Bilderberg "helped create the euro in the 1990s"?

And remember when that oxymoronic singular-currency-for-many-nations-with-distinct-monetary-policies was launched in 1999?

And remember when Goldman Sachs helped Greece cook its books so it could join the eurozone in 2001?

And remember how that blew up in the EU's face a decade later with the onset of the Greek Crisis?

And remember how the Greek Crisis triggered the EUpocalypse and brought panic to Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain?

And remember how the EU (read: Germany and France) just started calling them all PIIGS and treating them like unruly children?

Yes, like some demented game of hot potato, the ill-conceived, ill-fated scheme to mash all the economies of Europe together under one currency has left whoever is holding the bag at any given moment facing a full-blown existential crisis. Now it seems that it's once again Italy's turn in the hot seat.