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It's An Invasion Force! When Does 15K Mexican Troops Become 50K?

•, by Dave Hodges

Further, assets would need to be deployed in advance of any invasion. All of the criteria are in the process of being met. 

The destabilizing events that threaten to weaken America to the point of producing conditions making the country vulnerable to invasion from our southern border are as follows:

Worsening conditions in Central and South America, emanating from Honduras, which will potentially send millions of immigrants to our border along with embedded trained paramilitary forces. 
The Oroville Dam is slowly progressing toward a catastrophic failure. 

The trucking industry is moving toward a meltdown and this will serious consequences to every aspect of our economy and it will ultimately threaten scores of lives. 
War with Iran will produce the emergence of terror cells which will wreak havoc in the United States.
Weather wars are producing an agricultural disaster with regard to the food supply.  
A clear picture is emerging that once the aforementioned areas come to fruition, that the only thing that is needed for an invasion to follow these destabilizing events is forward deployment of military assets and that has already happened. 

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