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Should You Install Arch Linux? 10 Reasons for Arch-Based Distros


Arch Linux is one of the most popular Linux operating systems (also known as distributions) around, as are the easier-to-install distros that are based on Arch, such as Manjaro.
Whether you're thinking of installing each component manually or downloading a pre-built desktop, here are ten reasons why you might use Arch Linux.

1. You Are Free to Build Your Own PC

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Arch Linux is unique among the more popular Linux distributions. Ubuntu and Fedora, like Windows and macOS, come ready to go. In stark contrast, Arch Linux challenges you to build your PC's operating system yourself.

The installation process isn't as simple as clicking through installer windows. You will need to know numerous terminal commands, and you have to choose your own components. What desktop environment would you like? Do you need Wi-Fi? Which sound server? The process can take quite a while.

The amount of knowledge required makes Arch more difficult to install than most distros. You have to do a bit of reading, but if you can follow a guide, you can get things up and running. In the end, you're left with a system that does exactly what you want.

2. You Run Only What You Need

Since Arch lets you pick your own components (such as your desktop environment and your favorite apps), you aren't saddled with a bunch of software you don't expect.

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In contrast, Ubuntu and most other Linux-based OSes not only come with a large number of desktop apps pre-installed, but they also load quite a few background services. While the number is small compared to how much runs in the background on Windows, you still won't notice it going on.

When it comes to Arch Linux vs. Ubuntu, Arch Linux wins on transparency. Not only are these services not running in Arch Linux by default, they're not even installed unless you want them. That means you aren't wasting resources on extra system processes. Plus you're saving internet bandwidth by not downloading updates to code that isn't necessary.

3. Arch Linux Is Unapologetically Technical

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