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"Rolls of $100 Bills"…Who's Paying African Migrants At Our Border? Swiss Journalist As


How did they get here? Who helped them get here?…

Hundreds of Congolese illegal aliens have come to the U.S. border seeking asylum. You would think our media would be asking questions about how they got here and who helped them but our media ignores the border invasion.

It took a Swiss investigative journalist to look into this curious flow of Congolese.

Urs Gehriger came all the way to the U.S. to interview the Congolese illegals:

Where are they going? Portland, Maine…

Claude Rwaganje, founder of Prosperity Maine, moved to Maine from Congo two decades ago.

He says he doesn't want the citizens of Portland, Maine to feel these invaders are a liability…but they are. The city budget and state budget suffers because of this extra expense. The people coming there will need social services in order to support themselves yet this Congolese migrant thinks we should see these invaders as an "asset"???

"Instead we should see them as an asset. We have an aging state. I see it on the board of the Chamber and I know that every day when we meet we hear people talking about the need for workers." – Claude Rwaganje