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June 2019 News: PinePhone, Pinebook Pro and PineTab

• PINE64

Last month I began with (and spent most time on) the Pinebook Pro, so it's just fair that I open this month's update with the PinePhone news section. A lot has happened in the short period of one month, so the best I can do is to try to summarize the most important aspects pertaining to hardware and software progress. I'll pay more attention to hardware developments in this post, simply because I am not competent in providing an up-to-date report on every projects' software status (you can reach all the devs in the chat and follow the progress live using the chat log if you wish to stay up-to-date). For what it's worth, I am happy to give you a short resume of my experience with the few OS images I've tested at the end of this section. Let's start with the end-user PinePhone developments. With the case selected and approved, the phone's PCB was commissioned a couple of weeks ago and submitted to the design house with detailed instructions on the required feature set.