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California Seeks to Strip Doctors of Authority to Grant Kids Medical Exemptions...

•, Bretigne Shaffer

Imagine taking your two-month-old daughter in for her scheduled vaccines. Imagine watching as she begins to convulse soon after receiving her shots and then continues to experience seizures over the next few days. You might want to make sure she never receives a particular vaccine again. You might decide not to give her any more vaccines at all. You might also decide to delay vaccines for her siblings or to forego them altogether. These are all understandable responses to a frightening situation that any parent can relate to.

Under current California law, you would be able to do all of these things, and your daughter could still attend school (though good luck finding a doctor who will grant you a medical exemption given the official persecution of those who do).

But that will come to an end if Senate Bill 276 is passed.

Bill 276 Limits Medical Exemptions

The bill, which moved through the California Senate last month, seeks to eliminate the role of doctors in granting medical exemptions for vaccines required for school attendance, giving the authority to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) instead.

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