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Demolition Derby in The Gulf

• by Eric Margolis

Magnetic mines are blamed for the damage, though there have been claims of torpedo use.  Last month, four moored tankers were slightly damaged, though none seriously.  This time the attacks were more damaging but apparently not lethal.

A few cynics have even suggested Israel may be behind the tanker attack in order to provoke war between Iran and the United States – a key Israeli goal.  Or maybe it's the Saudis whose goal is similar.  The Gulf is an ideal venue for false flag attacks.  

One thing appears certain.  President Donald and his coterie of neocon advisors have been pressing for a major conflict with Iran for months.  The US is literally trying to strangle Iran economically and strategically.  By now, Israel's hard right wing dominates US Mideast policy and appears to often call the shots at the White House and Congress.

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