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Congress Proposes Legislation to Screen Adults and Children to Predict if You Pose a Threat


An Orwellian bill is gaining traction in Congress which would rate American citizens to allow law enforcement to assign you a threat assessment level.

(TAC) It has been nearly two years since I reported on the dangers of creating a law enforcement run Mental Health Assessment (MHA) program. In Texas, police use MHA's to "screen" every person they have arrested for mental illness.

But the TAPS Act, first introduced in January, would take law enforcement screenings

to a whole new level. It would create a national threat assessment of children and adults.

In the course of six months, the Threat Assessment, Prevention and Safety (TAPS) Act (H.R. 838) has seen support grow to nearly 80 Congress members.

Politicians are master manipulators. What better way to garner public support for a national threat assessment program than to introduce it during National Police Week.

The politicians laid it on thick, as a KHTS article revealed.