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Why Venezuela's Economy Is Worse Than That of a War-Torn Country


Quite a lot has been written about events that led to the current situation in Venezuela. I understand that the aftermath of the cold war that took our country to its knees can be confusing for those who have never had the opportunity to live in any place in South America, and the media bias could be a distracting agent to understand what it´s all about. I write just about facts, and about what we have experienced, or very close people have experienced. The first part of this article is for those who need a deeper insight into the reasons, and not so much about how to deal with the consequences of the crisis.

I started to ask myself an entire series of questions. One of them was How is it possible that our economy is worse than one in a country in war? And the answer I could deduct is, that we are victims of a war. Not so cold, but a war, no doubt.

Venezuela was forced out of the oil market.

Russians have positioned themselves as USA crude oil providers, in a formidable twist that left me stopped right on the tracks. I´m not exaggerating: I felt like a cold water shower. It was the trigger that suddenly made me understand EVERYTHING. The Ukraine issue, all that chit-chat back and forth between Donald and Vladimir…I saw the light, so to speak.

I don´t know if it is just me, or if anyone else sees the big picture. Something like this: we were producing in 1990s decade 2.6 MMBB. There were plans to raise that production to 3 Million. This would be to provide the increasing demand of the global economy. For the OPEC countries, it was not bad. Everyone had a portion, a share, to reach, and fixed prices allowed a solid budgeting operation. But (and that is a big "but") Russia was NOT part of this organization. They were invited and always refused. The reasons (the real ones) are not clear to me, and maybe never will be, with my limited access to knowledge. The truth is, that without their production subject to shares, they could position their product without restrictions. Pricing was lower than the market, I guess. It´s not as relevant for this analysis. What IS relevant is that they needed to incorporate themselves in a market. Why they needed to occupy shares (OUR shares) belonging to the OPEC…well, that is something really deep, and I don´t feel like getting into that right now. Time will tell. But I do know how evil Russian governments can be. After all, there is the Ukraine issue. Backed up by the USA, and in the very frontier of Russia. So they decided to play the same card and screwed MY HOMELAND in the process. Yes, I have kind of a grudge. Have enough reasons for.

What I see is a forced displacement of Venezuela from the markets we used to take for granted since our exports started. Cuba, being an ally of Russia even though the Soviet state collapsed, has never been able to pull their own weight because of the ineptitude of their rulers, corrupted and miserable as they are. Therefore, they decided to infiltrate Venezuela, once the army was fractured, brainwashed, or blatantly corrupted as well, and deviate our wealth to their crappy island to avoid starvation, social uprisings, and the well-deserved OBLIVION they are facing as I write this. It´s inevitable. They destroyed my country with an underground war. They kidnapped officers, tortured them and threatened their families, including women, elder, and kids. Killed people in the massive demonstrations. I´m not making this up. President Guaido has spoken about this openly again and again. It had the effect of a WAR, with millions of displaced people, including this writer. So, it can be considered a war. I don´t know what generation it can be considered, but it´s an insidious war, with an enemy disguised as a friend, as someone who came supposedly to heal, to teach, and suddenly we find out that 27 members of our Special Forces were in a political prison, called El Helicoide. These guys were trained in the USA by the way. Go figure.