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Imagine the Stock Market Is a Game Show…


Justin's note: If you don't know Jeff Clark… you should.

He's the master trader who made 10x his money on the Friday afternoon before Black Monday… and millions of dollars just before the dot-com crash.

And while most investors ran for cover, his readers had the chance to double their money… 10 different times… during the 2008 financial crisis.

You see, Jeff's specialty is following patterns in the market. He's so good at it that he developed a lucrative, low-risk trading strategy… which let him retire at 42.

Below, Jeff shows why trading stocks can be like a game show… and how you can consistently make money on your trades, no matter what's thrown at you…

By Jeff Clark, editor, Delta Report

Readers of my Delta Report made a lot of money in March…

We closed a call option trade on one of the world's largest investment managers, Invesco (IVZ).

I recommended my readers buy call options (meaning they'd profit if the price of the underlying stock went up) in February. We closed that trade in March. All told, we made 125% in just over a month.

Not bad.

But after we closed our trade, IVZ continued to climb. The stock picked up another 10% a few weeks later.

I mention this because readers occasionally write in asking, "Why did we close that trade? We could have made even more if we had held on."

Here's what I always tell them…

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