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Paul: Apostle of Jesus Christ

• By Yvonne Lorenzo

This past Easter, I watched for the first time the film Paul, Apostle of Christ. And while of course it dramatized historical events, the themes raised resonant strongly in our time, which eerily reflects the corruption and persecutions of Nero's Rome that the film depicted. What I found especially powerful was that the film stayed true to Saint Paul's central teachings and if nothing else, to direct those who follow Christ to once again recall his Way, the only true successful recourse against evil.

Recently, there were several horrible, haunting events, events that scar the soul, from the fire engulfing Notre Dame de Paris, the bloody Sri Lanka terror attacks that killed 253 people and the recent attack on a synagogue in San Diego. The Moon of Alabama website had a post on the synagogue shooting, with a link to the "manifesto," which has since been taken down, written by the shooter. I was shocked to find that the murderer identifies himself as a Christian and below is a relevant chilling excerpt of his theology: