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Seven wonders of the Ancient World brought back to life in stunning 3D reconstructions...


The seven ancient wonders of the world have been re-imagined and brought back to life in in digital reconstructions that reveal how they would have looked in their prime.

Only one of the original seven survives today with the others lost over time as a consequence of war, crumbling civilisations and natural disasters. 

They were the go-to tourist attractions of the day and includes the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Statue of Rhodes and  Olympia's statue of Zeus. 

Images of the modern-day locations were compared to that of how it would have looked by insurance company Budget Direct.

It was a staggering feat of engineering and building and the statue towered 100 feet (32 metres) above the harbour in Rhodes. 

Situated in the Mandraki Harbour a glimpse of the statue dedicated to the Greek sun god Helios greeted visitors flocking by land and by sea.