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What Will Happen to Your Pets After a Collapse? Lessons From Venezuela


Mankind has been very close to our pets for a reason. They are useful for us, and they had a role in our life when we became homesteaders, and the transition from nomadic, errant foragers to house dwellers occurred. They would thrive from pests like rodents, snakes looking for insects and all kind of living beings that would come to human settlements looking to feed on crops, stored food, and alike. There is a very strong bond, a symbiotic relationship, established by Mother Nature, much earlier than any human would raise the head to look far to the horizon.

This said, I would like to talk a little about how people are dealing with the pets, and what can we do as preppers, to take them with us. Most of this is common sense, but maybe you will find useful a couple of ideas.

Caring for pets when the SHTF poses unique challenges.

Now, I want to mention a fellow reader that made an important contribution. He felt the need to write about our pets. The consequences in the poor things that after mom and dad ran away (not everyone is like me or you, that consider our cats and dogs and other pets part of the family) and can't feed by themselves, they will starve until learning to procure food for themselves, perhaps grouping themselves and working together…if they survive to the attacks of larger packs, more violent and equally ravenous. This is a sad picture, indeed. It breaks my heart to see in Twitter and FB lots of pets being hosted temporally in the homes of people who can't have them, asking for help to relocate them with someone who wants them.

We have tried to keep our cat (older one got lost and we are still crying for her loss) and old female dog healthy and well fed, even if that means to suffer necessities here. Cat food is around 3$/kilogram if you can find it. The real hard part is to get that 3$ in Venezuela, or even here. Anyway, with the support via Paypal we have received occasionally (bless you, people), we have been able to cope at least that shallow waters and I don´t have words to give thanks to God first, and to you.