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Sudanese threaten general strike in standoff with military

• Houston Chronicle

The organizers of Sudan's protests on Tuesday threatened a general strike and civil disobedience as tensions escalated with the military council that assumed power after the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir. The Sudanese Professionals Association and its allies, which organized the four months of demonstrations that drove al-Bashir from office on April 11, accuse the generals of clinging to power. The two sides have been negotiating the formation of a new transitional government but are divided over the role of the military, which is dominated by al-Bashir appointees. The protesters have proposed a joint military-civilian sovereign council, comprised of eight civilian and seven military members. The military council proposed a 10-member council with three seats for civilians. Forces of the Declaration for Freedom and Change, a coalition of groups led by the SPA, said they have submitted their full proposal for the sovereign council, a cabinet and