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Creating a Computing Revolution by Danny Haidar of FreedomBox Foundation (FOSDEM 2019)

• FreedomBox Foundation

The rise of cloud computing in the 2010's accelerated a process that had been going on since the dot-com boom: the centralization of the internet. In February 2010, Eben Moglen predicted the wide-scale data-mining brought about by the centralization of our network infrastructure and launched the FreedomBox project. In the eight years since, FreedomBox has become a device that can decentralize the web one box at a time. Join this session to learn about FreedomBox's approach to decentralization and the importance of three elements of its design: hardware neutrality, software freedom, and user interface. In this 15-minute session, I will lecture for the full 15 minutes. I will discuss the FreedomBox project, the role of hardware neutrality in the FreedomBox project, and the role of user interface in the FreedomBox project. FreedomBox is an immensely flexible and secure private server system that builds freedom into the internet by empowering regular people to host their own inte