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10 Homestead Survival Tips For Beginners


But planning and skill honing is just as important when creating a homestead as it is when developing a survival plan.
The one sure way to turn your dream homestead into a failure is by starting too big, too quickly. Allowing your excitement to get started can prompt you to bite off more than you chew…and more than your newbie homesteading skills can handle.

To make sure your new homestead dream doesn't turn into a nightmare, be sure to follow these homestead survival tips.

Top  Homestead Survival Tips For Beginners

1. Homestead Layout

Look at your land as a whole and review the natural resources and terrain closely. If you cannot get an aerial tour or photo of your land, use Google Earth to garner a comprehensive look at the entire property before deciding where anything should go.

Homesteads come in all shapes and sizes. Every homestead can contain food growing and livestock raising areas, as long as you set them up correctly, maintain realistic expectations, and possess the skills necessary to work the property.