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Did Elon Just Declare War On A Human Blockchain?

•, By Chris

It has created what is presently THE most powerful computer network we know of.

I've been watching a similar process taking place on Twitter with respect to Tesla. Here's how it works.

Everytime Elon Musk promises something or says something positively loopy (which is gratefully often), folks seek to validate whether or not it's true or false.

Sure, there are the "fanbois" who fawn and gush and say things like "genius" and "hyper achiever"... but then we must account for the fact that most people prefer not to think.

But if we set the non-thinkers aside, we've got the validating tools of a swarm network at work, and I have to say it's almost as beautiful as Scarlett Johansen serving cold beer. Almost.

It was some time ago that Lawrence Fossi, who went by the Twitter handle @MontanaSkeptic, was doxed by Elon after he studiously called to attention the plethora of nonsense that Tesla and Elon had been spouting to the public.

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