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A National Emergency of Measles Infections?


The main stream media and the rest of the Powers-That-Be have been leading the charge that we have a measles epidemic this year. You would think that tens of thousands must be infected and dying from measles. Well, you would think wrong. According to the CDC, from January 1 to April 11, 2019 there have been 555 cases of measles across the US. Keep in mind, there are over 323,000,000 citizens in the US. In 2010 there were 667 cases of measles. And, in 2010, there was no national emergency called with draconian, criminal penalties for the failure to vaccinate against measles.

Is measles contagious? Of course it is. Is measles deadly? Of course it is, but not in the USA for the vast majority of us. In fact, death from measles declined by over 99%–from the early 20th Century–BEFORE the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963. In fact, there has been only one death from measles reported over the last 15 years.[i] What about that death? It occurred in a woman who was on immunosuppressive drugs.  And, the woman had been vaccinated as a child. The measles infection was discovered on autopsy.

The mainstream media (MSM) would have you believe that we have a national emergency on our hands.  I don't think we have a national emergency on our hands with measles, but we may have one with mumps.

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