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NATO Is Just a Scam to Funnel Money to US Arms Manufacturers (Russian TV News)

•, RI Staff

NATO's aggregate military budget is 20 times larger than Russia's. If NATO's purpose is defensive, that isn't very efficient. But what if NATO exists to siphon off money from its allies for the purchase of American weapons?

Perhaps that is closer to the truth.


NATO celebrates its 70th anniversary this week. How should we evaluate the result? NATO says that it's the most successful alliance in human history. But it seems to me that this is the most inefficient alliance that you can only imagine. But where, in this case, is the evaluation criteria? As for me, it would be legitimate to apply Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin's engraved formula from his letter to his friend Bestuzhev. It's known to everyone here from school. It's a timeless classic.

"The dramatic writer must be judged by the laws he himself recognized over himself."