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Ford Invests In Solid Power For Future Solid-State Batteries


A recent press release verifies that Ford has made a serious investment into solid-state batteries. While this future battery technology may not come to be for some time, it seems that getting a foot in the door now is paramount.

Though it continues to appear as though established OEMs couldn't care less about the EV revolution, that's likely not the case. While EV advocates see it as a push against electric car adoption, it's important to realize that legacy automakers still have very little, if anything, to gain from pushing EVs. The truth here is that the masses don't want them, they're too expensive, charging infrastructure is lacking in most locations, and, most likely, automakers will lose money selling them. Folks, we're just not there yet. In fact, we're not even close to getting there, at least on our shores.

Nonetheless, we have to give some credit to these established OEMs that are making plans for the future. There's little doubt that electric vehicles will eventually dominate and push ICE cars into the past. But, until then, we will continue to see minimal support and investments from these legacy car makers.