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Making Money in a Post-Collapse World: Here's What I Learned in Venezuela


Today I want to talk about something essential: Making money in a post-collapse world.

I am the kind of person that makes plans…and EXECUTES them. This is something that has been keeping me ahead of many people I know. This localized collapse opened the windows for really profitable business operations that could be useful if a similar situation presents someday in the part of the world you are living in.

I had to limit the selection to easy-to-learn stuff, not especially advanced skills but producing processes that are all over the internet and anyone with some technical knowledge could safely perform. Of course, poultry production, fish, cattle, and stuff is intended and overseen. This is going to be a basic need. Part of our starvation is because people have not gone massively to the country or cultivated every available meter with something to eat.

The main failure was, the way I see it, I planned for an event too short. Won´t go again on that though.

There are ways to make money in a post-collapse society.

Let´s see how (in an ideal world where the right to NOT be imprisoned and your products seized, though) we could make some income in an economy like the mess is in my country right NOW.