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Previously unknown flaw in Intel chips...

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The flaw, discovered by the security firm, Positive Technologies, was revealed late last month at a Black Hat conference in Singapore and shows how bad actors can exploit a feature called the The Visualization of Internal Signals Architecture (VISA) to scrape a computer's memory for sensitive data. 

By gaining access to VISA, which is used to test chips before they're released to the public, hackers can leverage the system to monitor information happening inside a machine's controller hub -- a set of computer chips that controls aspects of the CPU and more -- say analysts at Positive Technologies.

'We found out that it is possible to access Intel VISA on ordinary motherboards, with no specific equipment needed,' said Positive Technologies expert, Maxim Goryachy, in a statement. 

'With the help of VISA, we managed to partially reconstruct the internal architecture of the PCH microchip.'