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The Top Ten Players In American Media's Failed Coup

• by Leesa Donner

Among the many "journalists" who espoused the Democratic Party position on the Mueller investigation, some especially boisterous voices stood out from the crowd. So, in a rather non-scientific study, Liberty Nation republishes a few comments that were quite simply over the top.

But before we get to that, a few salient words of summation are in order. The first come from David Harsanyi who wrote the following for The Federalist:

"Perhaps it was Watergate envy, or bitterness over Donald Trump's victory, or antagonism towards Republicans in general - or, most likely, a little bit of all the above. But now that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has delivered his report on Russian collusion, it's clear that political journalists did the bidding of those who wanted to delegitimize and overturn Trump's election."

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