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"I Met Dick Cheney. He's a Total Scumbag"


"I met Dick Cheney. He's a total scumbag."

Doug Casey told me this a few nights ago. We were having dinner in Cafayate, Argentina.

He went on to tell me about the time he met the former vice president.

It was a classic Doug story. I'll share it with you in a second.

But let me first tell you what I'm doing in Argentina…

Doug, as you may know, has a home in Cafayate…

So I came here a few days ago to catch up with him – and to see what's on his mind.

During my visit, Doug and I discussed everything from the legal marijuana market to the Jussie Smollett case. And I'll let you in on some of those conversations in the coming weeks.


But it wasn't all business.

Doug and I also enjoyed great Argentine wine and experienced the local cuisine.

And I'd say Doug was most candid during our dinners…

During one of those, Doug told me about the time he met former Vice President Dick Cheney at the New Orleans Investment Conference a few years ago.

Doug was there as a keynote speaker. Cheney was there making the press rounds. He was shaking hands, kissing babies, and trying to raise money.

The two met backstage when the conference organizer introduced Cheney to Doug.

And it's safe to say the introduction didn't go as planned.

Doug refused to shake Cheney's hand…

Not only that, Doug told him, "I'm not going to shake your hand. I hold you and everything you stand for in contempt."

That's when Cheney made a mistake, according to Doug. He asked, "Why's that?"

Doug spent the next minute telling Cheney why he despised him.

Later, Doug challenged the audience to rethink Cheney, while describing him as a criminal and traitor.

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