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Did President Obama Have Miriam Carey Killed to Cover Up an Illegitimate Child?

•, Tony Elliott

There may be more to the incident of Miriam Carey, the 34 year old woman who was shot dead for breaching a temporary White House barricade back on 10/03/2013, than we ever imagined.

Of course, the official story released by the White House says they had no idea of why Carey tried to breach a barrier at the WH and led them on a high speed chase that ended with them fatally shooting her.

As is seen in the video of the incident, it was anything but a high speed chase, and with Secret Service and D.C. police surrounding Carey's car with guns drawn before the chase, it is highly likely that this triggered her to attempt to escape.

The bottom line is Carey was at the White House to see President Obama, and in bringing her 1-year-old child along should show us she was bringing her daughter to meet her biological father.

One thing is clear, both D.C. police and the Secret Service had orders to kill her. Both agencies knew she had no weapons from having her car surrounded to when she got out of her car unarmed. Yet, she was shot dead from behind.