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The Collectivist Killings at Christchurch, New Zealand

•, Brittany Hunter

Last week, 50 precious human lives were savagely taken from this earth when a gunman opened fire in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. An additional twenty remain injured.

In the wake of this tragedy, people are obviously grief-stricken and looking for answers as to how something this horrible could have happened. And in this shocked and vulnerable state, human beings have a tendency to blame groups of people for the actions of a single person. This most recent mass shooting has proven itself to be no exception to this rule.

Within hours of the public gaining any information about the suspected shooter, wild accusations were being made about his political and ideological beliefs all based on the personal manifesto he wrote. Of course, it didn't take long for the public to decry this as a "right-wing" or "Trump-inspired" attack. But upon closer inspection, the manifesto released by the shooter is not so clear-cut as some would have you believe, and it demonstrates why resorting to collective accusations is such a grave mistake in these situations.