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VIRAL VIDEO: Slim Russian Cashier Girl KO's Unruly Man in Store, Becomes Famous

•, RI Staff

It's 1 a.m. There are a lot of customers in a 24-hour store. Two customers are determining who's the first in line. One of them is obviously winning the dispute by using the fridge with beer. A frail girl ran from the counter and resolved the issue with a right hook. The bully began to resent, but then received a straight blow to the jaw, and was knocked out. The rescued, drunk customer rushed to thank the cashier.

This video was taken by a surveillance camera in a store in Vladimir two years ago but it appeared on the web just now. It became popular in just a few days. The heroine of the video became world famous. Karina Eremeeva is a mother of two. She's currently on maternity leave. She agreed to show on the spot how it all happened.

Karina Eremeeva: "I feared for the man. I really thought that he would now crack his head, and that would be too bad. That's why it all happened. And the final blow... Many people think that is was without cause. No, there was a cause. The man began to make threats, and he also spat at me, so I reacted like that."

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