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Quantum Technology Overview

•, Brian Wang

He indicates that NISQ (Noisy Qubit) systems with 50-100 qubits will be commercially available shortly and they will be useful. However, NISQ at 50-100 qubits will not change the world. John Preskill indicated that the most important improvement that could be made to advance the field is with better qubits. IonQ touted that they are making better quality than NISQ qubits with trapped ion qubits. IonQ has talked about reaching thousands of qubits by the mid-2020s. John discussed applications like quantum machine learning and quantum simulation. Preskill reviewed other quantum technologies like quantum-safe privacy, quantum networks, quantum sensing and quantum radar. Quantum sensing could double the sensitivity of the LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory). Nextbigfuture has reviewed the many technologies and the project proposals for Gravitational-Wave Observatories beyond LIGO.