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Not in the cloud – in your bunker.

Confidently store your critical data and information. Why subject yourself to data breaches or identity theft? The DataBunker is offline, can be kept secure in a home, yet is compact enough to fit in a briefcase and is TSA-approved for airline carry on.

Protect your information IN ONE ORGANIZED & CENTRALIZED LOCATION with DataBunker.

Stocks • Banking • Wills • Taxes • Birth Records • Marriage Licenses • Divorce Decree • Adoption Records • Child Custody Agreements • Identification Documents • Real Estate Deeds • Vehicle Titles • Insurance Policies • Trusts • Power of Attorney Records • Medical Information • Household Inventory Photos or Video • Personal Photos • Government • Law Enforcement • Military

Nearly Indestructible External Storage Device

Plug in. Drag and drop files – just like any USB storage device except this portable black box can successfully withstand:

shot out of a cannon three times, three different ways

55-pound sharp instrument penetration test

25,000-pound crush test

1400-degrees F for an hour

500-degrees F for 10 hours

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