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Consent – or Else

•, By Eric Peters

If he continues, after she has made it very clear his advances are not welcome, it is considered – rightly and in law  – sexual assault and that man is subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.

Consent is also demanded – in law – when it comes to most contracts. You cannot legally be bound by a contract you never signed, nor by one which you were forced to sign – because duress obviates consent.

But the government tells us we must "consent" – or else. Also that our "consent" is implied – whenever it suits the government.

In our cars, for instance.

The doctrine has it that because we asked to be allowed to drive on the government's roads ("public" isn't an accurate term; ownership is a function of control. The government controls the roads and therefore owns them) we have given our "consent" to all sorts of things – including being forced to prove ourselves innocent of crimes there's no reason to suspect us of having committed.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Government protects itself in two ways: 1) your ignorance of the "person"; 2) they never say the man/woman. The 4th Amendment has the word "persons" in it. How many do you have? Your banking agreement person; your drivers license person; your mortgage payment person; your credit card person; etc. All these persons of yours have your address, your phone, and most of them have your signature. The indictment person has your name, your address, your phone, and a judges signature. It isn't one of your persons. It's his person until you are tricked into accepting it as your person. Where's your signature on it? Since it's his person, he is trying himself using an alias. Only when the indictment says "man" or "woman" is it you. Learn and tell him that the person listed on the indictment is his alias. Then >> Listen to to see what to do next.

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