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How to Use Bitcoin When the Apocalypse Hits


When the world collapses and society splinters into factions fighting for the scraps, you'll want to keep your friends close and your crypto closer. Whatever the cause of the fallout, economic disaster is certain. Fiat currency will be the first to falter, leaving gold, bitcoin and barter as the only surviving means of exchange. Here's how you can use your crypto when judgement day comes.

It's the End of the World as We Know It

Bitcoin has long attracted interest from fringe elements of society. Anarchists, freedom fighters, libertarians, gun nuts, hoarders, preppers and combinations thereof. Many of these individuals have little faith in society, believing that global collapse is imminent, bringing the financial system down with it. In this post-capitalist world, only the prepared will survive, armed with their wits, weapons, a supply of canned goods and, of course, a stash of peer-to-peer currency.

There's just one problem: depending on how hard the apocalypse hits, and depending on its cause (nuclear fallout; meteorite; electrical storm; aliens; zombies), performing the sort of digital activities we take for granted today may be virtually impossible. For those convinced that the end times are nigh, it's not enough to stockpile bitcoin – preppers must also figure out how they're going to spend it when shit gets real.

How to Use Bitcoin When the Apocalypse Hits

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