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Rotten Tomatoes Wants You to Stop Review Bombing Movies


Rotten Tomatoes is making changes to prevent people from review bombing movies. Review bombing is the best term for it, but, thanks to Rotten Tomatoes' "Want to See" feature, this is actually affecting movies that haven't even been released yet.

What Is Review Bombing?

Review bombing describes a coordinated effort to lower a review score. This has been used on movies and video games for different reasons. Some are because of something in the piece of content itself, but oftentimes it will be something else altogether.

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In the latest example, the new Captain Marvel movie has been subjected to intense criticism. Not because of the film itself (which hasn't even been released yet) but because of comments made by Brie Larson, the actress playing the titular Captain Marvel.

The comments themselves aren't important. All that matters is that because of these comments, certain individuals have expressed their dislike of the film using Rotten Tomatoes as its as platform. And Rotten Tomatoes has had enough.

Rotten Tomatoes Disables the Haters

As explained on the Rotten Tomatoes Product Blog, Rotten Tomatoes "will no longer show the 'Want to See' percentage score for a movie during its pre-release period." Because this is often filled with haters, and confused with the actual 'Audience Score'.

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