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TALOS Exoskeleton Program Fails But Silent Electric Dirt Bikes Could Work Out

•, Brian Wang

There have been improvements in lightweight body armor and improved helmet displays.

There are tests of partial suits to help support walking and running with heavy loads.

In 2018, the Army began evaluating Lockheed Martin's ONYX exoskeleton. The ONYX supports the knee joints when carrying heavy loads over uneven terrain. ONYX uses less power than a full-body exoskeleton. The current design is able to achieve 8 to 16 hours of operation over realistic terrain. If the tests are successful the suits could be used in the field as early as 2021. It is likely that the partial suits will be used in warehouse and supply chain situations for support personnel. It will take years before they are ready for combat situations.

The soft exosuits are also not ready and are struggling to provide a 20% boost in the efficiency of movement.

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