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Tulsi Gabbard Slams "Neocon/Neolib Warmongers" After NBC Propaganda Exposed

• by Tyler Durdan

To justify its claim that Tulsi Gabbard is the Kremlin's candidate, NBC writes:

"analysts at New Knowledge, the company the Senate Intelligence Committee used to track Russian activities in the 2016 election, told NBC News they've spotted 'chatter' related to Gabbard in anonymous online message boards, including those known for fomenting right-wing troll campaigns."

Only to be called out hard by journalist Glenn Greenwald:  

Glenn Greenwald ? @ggreenwald

"What's particularly unethical about the NBC report is it touts New Knowledge as "the company the Senate used to track Russian activities in the 2016 election," while concealing the fraud that this firm's CEO just got caught perpetrating on behalf of the Democratic Party"

Glenn Greenwald ? @ggreenwald

This NBC News report is a total disgrace from top to bottom. It's a joke using the most minimal journalistic standards. But that's because NBC is in partnership with the Democratic Party (and intel community) to smear any Dem adversary, on the left or right, as a Kremlin tool:

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