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Beginner's Guide to The Social Media Site That Pays You in Crypto

• by Robert Devoe, a new social media site recently launched its own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum test net. Members of the website can earn tokens in exchange for interacting with the site and creating content. While other social media sites like Facebook jealously hoard your data and give you nothing in return, doesn't track you and even pays you in return for participating and making the website more lively. In this article, we're going to go over what is and how you can join it to earn cryptocurrency for yourself.

What is is an exciting new social media platform that aims to provide a real alternative to sites like Twitter and Facebook. The site was created in many ways as a response to the recent bouts of censorship and data mining that other social media websites have been engaged in for years now. Sites like Facebook and Twitter track everything we do, and then sell all of our information to advertisers.