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WATCH: Volunteers Kicked Out of Nat'l Park for Cleaning It During Shutdown--Without a Permit

•, By Matt Agorist

As the government shutdown enters week five, debris, trash, and snow are piling up at national parks across the country as the bureaucrats who get paid to maintain them stay home. Luckily, however, volunteers from all walks of life have stepped up to fill their shoes and they've been doing a fantastic job—that is, when the government isn't kicking them out.

A group of libertarians in Tennessee has been volunteering at national parks to do the bureaucrats' jobs and they were doing it successfully, until this week.

As the volunteers with the Libertarian Party of Tennessee Delta Region began cleaning up Shiloh National Military Park over the weekend, they were quickly approached by Park Rangers who demanded they leave the property.

According to the representative from the Libertarian Party, the volunteers were told to cease their work and leave immediately.