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Teslas Suddenly Get Pricier . . .

•, By Eric Peters

It's a hint about how one of the biggest problems with electric cars – their being too expensive for most people to consider, so long as their are less less expensive options available – will be handled.

We'll all just pay more – because their won't be any less expensive options.

And not just at Tesla stores.

As "electrification" gallops ahead – every major car company is practically on a war footing, frantically rushing as many EVs to market as they possibly can and retiring as many non-electrified models as they possibly can – the price of EVs will necessarily go up as the option to avoid them diminishes.

It's genius.

Everyone inside the business knows quite well that electric cars are not going to get cheaper – or rather, become affordable – anytime soon and quite probably never. Because technology just costs more. The chirpy stuff you hear about battery costs going down is true – just not honest.

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