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How to Survive the Government Shutdown: Real Advice for People Who Are Scared or Struggling


In general, when the government shuts down, I post a few funny memes about how it's the most boring apocalypse ever and my life goes on exactly as it has before. I'm not personally very affected by it and I think the government is far too large anyway. But, with the MSM literally proclaiming it doomsday, the emails I've received have shown that for a lot of people, a government shutdown is a cause for concern.

The longest our government has ever been shut down was 21 days, and that was under President Clinton in 1996. Today, the current shutdown has matched that one and if it continues, will be the longest in history.

A few words about government shutdown theater.

The government deliberate makes a shutdown as painful as possible for us, the little guys. They have to do that, to prove to us that they're "essential" to our existence. Otherwise, why would we continue paying the taxes that fund their salaries and cushy lifestyles?

You'll see a lot of heartwrenching stories about children showing up to the Smithsonian only to find it closed and about trash piled up in our national parks. You'll hear about government employees who cannot pay their bills and who are having to visit food banks to feed their families.

What you won't hear about are tearful Senators and members of Congress who are being evicted because they cannot pay their mortgages. You won't see those folks lined up at the food banks because – they still get paid. (Aside from a handful of Congress members who have eschewed a paycheck during the shutdown, anyway – that number has grown to more than 70, but remember that there are 535, so most of them are still taking their fat salaries..)

The choices about what is essential are not made to make our lives any easier. Any hardships we may face are simply collateral damage that one political party will blame on the other political party.

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