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How Blockchain's Creating the New Financial System


Justin's note: All week, we've been sharing the top money-making opportunities for 2019 from our experts here at Casey Research. On Monday, E.B. Tucker showed us why legal sports betting is about to explode… Tuesday, Nick Giambruno explained why now is the perfect time to invest in marijuana stocks… and yesterday, Dave Forest told us that a commodities boom for the ages is underway…

Today, in our final installment, we turn to our blockchain guru Marco Wutzer. Marco says the blockchain will create a new financial system. Below, he shares specific reasons why this trend will only accelerate – and explains how you can start taking advantage today.

By Marco Wutzer, senior analyst, Disruptive Profits

The year was 1763.

The brutal Seven Years' War for supremacy in Europe, and control of colonies in India and the Caribbean, had just ended.

Prussia had emerged as a major power in Europe. But the war had dealt a heavy blow to Prussia's aristocrats… They were broke.

Fast-forward to August 29, 1769.

To ease financial distress, the King of Prussia, Frederick the Great, signed into law a new financial instrument that would turn things around… and grow into a major new asset class.